What is a Bingo Network ?

photo-socialnetworking-jscreationzsMany online bingo players have noticed a marked similarity when browsing through a selection of bingo sites. Most of the sites have distinct home pages with unique graphics but when players open the bingo games things start to look familiar and the player may experience a sense of déjà vu. The games look the same because the sites are part of a bingo network. Most bingo sites on the internet are networked. Industry experts estimate that there are about 400 active bingo sites online so it is not surprising that most of them are part of a network. Basically a network is a group of sites that have agreed to share game software and the same player pool.

In the UK where online bingo is extremely popular a majority of the bingo sites are part of a network. There are also standalone operators like Virgin, Gala and Mecca. These sites use their own proprietary game software. Networks share games across a network of several sites. They usually share the same side games like poker, keno, blackjack, roulette and other table and casino games. Like any other website bingo sites have two parts; a front end and a back end. The front end of a site is what players see when landing on the sites home page. Usually the graphics on a home page will be unique even if the site is part of a network. The back end of the site is administrative and contains the game software. For example is a person uses wordpress the back end is supplied by wordpress and the software is shared throughout the network.

Networked bingo sites offer many benefits to players and operators. Joining a network reduces startup costs. It costs big bucks to create a bingo site. Investors must seek out a web designed and software developer and this can be extremely expensive. Starting a standalone bingo site can cost millions and most investors don’t have that kind of money. Many networks offer turnkey sites ready to go. The back end and the administrative part of the site is taken care of by the network operator. The game software is provided and bonuses and promotions are shared by the network. Players benefit from networks too. Networked sites have larger player pools and are able to offer bigger games with higher jackpots and prizes. For potential operators networks offer a cost effective way to enter the burgeoning online bingo industry.


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