What Motivates Bingo Players ?

Bingo is a very simple and for some a mundane game. Just about everyone has played bingo at some point in their lives and the game is easy to learn and no special skills or strategies are required to play. Casino gambling, on the other hand, is quite different even at online casinos. Gamblers playing games like poker and blackjack can be highly competitive. The atmosphere at most bingo games is laid back and calm although some bingo games can get competitive especially if a huge progressive jackpot is at stake. Bingo players are different from most casino gamblers and competition is really the only thing bingo players have in common with casino gamblers.

Slots offer players stimulation through animations and sounds. At land based casinos it is common to see hundreds of slots players happily shoving coins and bills into the machines. Slots are fast paced games and for some seem hypnotic. The reels spin and the outcome of the game is known almost immediately. Bingo games are slower paced and more social. A caller calls out the numbers and players try to match the called numbers with the numbers on their card. When players are within a number or two of getting a bingo the excitement heats up. Some people may wonder what the attraction such a game requiring no special skills can have for ardent players.

For most bingo players social interaction is the driving force behind their enjoyment of the game. A survey taken of bingo players in Great Britain showed that a majority of bingo players value social interaction over any possible monetary gain. At bingo halls it is common to see groups of bingo buddies that have been playing together for decades. Another University study showed that bingo players live longer as a result of the social interaction provided by bingo games. In some cases playing bingo has delayed the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

The social element sets bingo apart from other gambling games. Online bingo games offer chat rooms so players can socialize. Some online bingo sites offer special games for those participating in chat rooms. All of the available information indicates that social interaction is what sets bingo apart from most other forms of gambling.

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