Which is Cheaper – Land Based or Online Bingo?

There is an ongoing debate whether it is cheaper to play land based or online bingo. One advantage online bingo sites have over land based bingo is the number of unique bingo games they are able to offer players. Most online bingo sites have several bingo rooms with several individual games in each bingo room. Online bingo sites can also offer players 75, 90, 80 and 30 ball bingo games while most land based bingo halls are limited to 75 and 90 ball games.

Online bingo sites have fewer operating costs than land based bingo halls. Land based bingo halls must pay utilities, rent and an extensive staff of employees. Online bingo sites can also offer players much cheaper bingo cards. Some bingo sites have games where cards are only a penny and five cent games are common. Most bingo sites provide players with an extensive selection of bonuses, promotions and free bingo games. Bingo bonuses allow online players to stretch their bingo dollars and pounds and play dozens of games for free.

Since there are over 300 bingo sites serving the UK market players should have no difficulty locating an affordable bingo game. During the past two years the competition in the online bingo industry has heated up and sites are doing everything they can to attract players. In the UK bingo sites have launched multimillion pound television ad campaigns and have increased the number of bingo promotions available to players. Most bingo sites also have loyalty and refer a friend programs which can make playing online bingo even cheaper.

Land based players must pay admission fees, parking and transportation costs and usually bingo cards are more expensive at land based bingo halls. Refreshments and drinks at land based bingo halls can be pricey and online players at bingo sites can avoid paying outlandish prices for snacks and drinks. Land based bingo halls can only offer players’ one game at a time while online bingo sites enable players to play several games simultaneously. Players at land based halls must mark their cards manually limiting the number of cards played. The auto daub feature available at online bingo sites enables players to play several cards at a time which provides players with better odds.

If all the factors are taken into consideration it is clear that online bingo sites are clearly the best bargain for players. The online bingo industry is thriving and providing players with the best online bingo experience possible.

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