Who’s Playing Online Bingo?

bingoIn the UK, bingo is a big business but just how big is it? It has been estimated that there are about three million bingo players in the UK. Bingo enjoys so much popularity in the UK that players wager an estimated 1.4 billion pounds a year. That amounts to almost two billion US dollars a year. The numbers reflect the number of regular bingo players and there are many more occasional bingo players in the UK.

Out of the three million players approximately fifty thousand of these also play online bingo. The figures reflect only one percent of the global bingo community. In a study the Global Betting and Gaming Consultants estimated the global value of the online bingo community was a half billion dollars. The study did not include the US market due to the passage of the unpopular Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Despite the ban many online bingo players in the US still play their favorite game without molestation by government agencies. The study also concluded that by 2010 the revenues generated by online bingo sites will exceed one billion dollars a year.

Many major companies have launched online bingo games such as Yahoo. A quick Google search of the search term ‘online bingo’ generates 2,520,000 hits and reflects just how big and popular online bingo is worldwide. 90% of all online bingo game players are under the age of fifty and about 85% are women between the ages of 30 to 55 years. This would account for the fact that most online bingo advertisements are aimed at women. In the UK women spend 50% more time playing online bingo than men per week. In the UK the average online bingo player spends about 120 pounds ($180 USD) a month playing online bingo.

The US leads the world in the number of online bingo players but these numbers are hard to confirm due to internet gambling laws in the US. Japan comes in second followed by the UK which comes in third. The number of online bingo players has been increased in the UK by the passage of smoking bans and many land based players have made the switch to online bingo.

Despite the dismal state of the global economy online bingo continues to be a growth industry. In lean times people seek inexpensive entertainment and bingo fits the bill perfectly. Usually cards are only 10 to 25 cents and give online bingo players the chance to win substantial jackpots. People play online bingo for many reasons but all agree on one thing—it’s a lot of fun.

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