Who Plays Bingo ?

Once considered a game for chain smoking middle aged and elderly ladies bingo has acquired a whole new audience. Thanks to the internet millions of younger players log on at their favorite bingo sites and play bingo games and other side games provided by the bingo sites. When bingo is mentioned people usually conjure up images of church basements populated by little old ladies or garish High street bingo halls in the UK filled with pensioners. The reality is much different and bingo now attracts players of both sexes and from all walks of life. One recent survey taken in the UK showed that bingo is the most popular leisure activity for females ages 18 to 30.

Online bingo has destroyed the belief that bingo is a boring game. Actually bingo is a very fast paced game that requires a high level of concentration, good hand eye coordination and a demanding brain. In 19th century Germany bingo was used in classrooms to improve mental dexterity and hand eye coordination while at the same time teaching subjects such as math and language skills. Thanks to recent software advances and new flash technologies bingo sites are able to transform a player’s living room into a realistic bingo hall. The days of bingo as a low stakes game with three figure jackpots are gone forever. Today jackpots in excess of $10,000 are common and there are already a couple of bingo millionaires.

Most bingo sites offer an extensive selection of slots that are very popular with players. Some bingo sites have networked progressive jackpot slots with prizes in excess of $100,000. In addition to bingo players have access to online roulette, poker games, blackjack, pull tab instant win games and many other casino games. The number of male players is increasing at bingo sites. Men who would not be caught dead at a live bingo hall have discovered the joys of online bingo. Many men now play bingo as an alternative to spending an evening drinking at the local pub.

While most internet bingo players are young and tech savvy older people are playing bingo online. The internet is now standard equipment in most homes and has made online bingo available to a wide cross section of people. One of the most attractive features of bingo is the fact that the game is totally random and anyone can win. Online players can win some serious life changing jackpots. Who plays bingo? Thanks to the internet there are no longer stereotypical bingo players and players come from all walks of life and economic strata.

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