Why Are Most Bingo Players Women?

It is hardly a secret that most bingo players are women. In the UK women account for about 70% of all bingo players and globally the figure is even higher at 80%. According to most bingo news sites most internet bingo players are women. Despite the development of new bingo games that appeal to a wider audience the stereotype persists of the typical bingo player as a member of the ‘blue rinse’ set as older ladies are known in the UK. Bingo in the UK has attracted many younger players and in some bingo halls Sunday night jackpots can be over a million pounds. There are many reasons why most bingo players are women and here are just a few gleaned from several bingo news and bingo review sites.

Persistent stereotypes have caused many men to reject bingo as a leisure activity. Many men do not play bingo for fear of ridicule from their peers. Many men do play at bingo sites privately and there are even a few bingo sites devoted to male players. Some male players even go so far as to play online bingo using female screen names. Thanks to the advent of online bingo and the development of youth oriented bingo games such as Rebel Bingo the game is losing its image as a game for little old ladies. In fact bingo is now the most popular leisure activity for UK women aged 18 to 30. Men who are tired of the bar scene and are looking for a nice woman would do well to frequent bingo halls and online bingo chat rooms.

Many women have a lot more leisure time and play bingo more often. Although women have entered the workplace in record numbers in most societies men are still the breadwinners. This means that housewives have more leisure time to play bingo. Playing bingo offers potentially high returns for small wagers and since women gamble less than men the low cost makes both land based and online bingo more attractive to female players.

Women are more social than men and bingo is a social activity. Internet bingo games offer women the opportunity to socialize with each other and make new friends. Men are more likely to watch sports and engage in other activities they consider ‘manly.’

Bingo is a great stress reliever for harried housewives and professional women. Playing at bingo sites is a great stress reliever and several studies have shown that bingo can significantly reduce stress levels.

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