Why Do Bingo Sites Offer Side Games?

Why Do Bingo Sites Offer Side Games?Today most online bingo sites offer much more than bingo. While most players sign up for the bingo games playing the same game over and over can get boring. That’s why most bingo sites offer an extensive selection of side games. Side games, especially slots, are a big moneymaker for bingo operators. Some operators say that over half of their revenues are generated by slots and other side games. Most bingo sites are mini casinos and players will find most table and casino games. Some may wonder why bingo providers offer side games.

The main reason bingo providers offer side games is to provide players with entertainment and a diverse playing experience. Players also get a chance to win more money. Some bingo sites have networked slots with progressive jackpots that can get huge. Several players have won millions playing the popular MegaMoolah slot game at bingo sites. Playing the same game every day can get boring and to keep players engaged operators offer side games for additional entertainment. Some players will play side games while playing bingo. Thanks to auto daub players can temporarily leave a bingo game to play side games.

Bingo providers like to keep players coming back for more. By offering a selection of side games operators give their players the chance to play other games without leaving the site. Having all of the games in one place gives players a lot of choices and gives them a reason to stick with one bingo provider. Industry competition is fierce and operators are constantly adding new games. Side games also provide operators with an additional source of revenue. More revenues mean that the operator can continue to invest in new games and technology. The additional funds can also be used to provide players with more bonuses and promotions.

Traditionally bingo and casino games have been viewed separately both socially and legally. In some US states bingo is the only form of gambling available. Bingo has long been viewed as a ‘socially acceptable’ form of gambling because of the game’s long association with charities and churches. The first charity bingo games took place in the 30’s and were an instant hit. Bingo has raised millions for a variety of good causes. Today some online bingo providers offer games for various charities. A few years Kezia Obama, the stepmother of US president Barack Obama, hosted a series of charity online bingo games for a charity that helps women suffering from breast cancer.

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