Why Internet Bingo is Popular in the UK

Why Internet Bingo is Popular in the UKThe UK has the world’s most active online bingo market in the world. Over three million people in the UK play online bingo regularly and there are almost 400 websites targeting British players. So why is online bingo so popular in the UK? The question can easily be answered by looking at a bit of British cultural history.

Ever since the postwar years bingo has been the domain of working class women in Britain. In the early 60’s the gaming laws changed and operators set up massive bingo halls across the country. Many were cinemas that were converted into massive bingo palaces capable of holding thousands of players. When bingo went online in the 90’s it created a furor in the UK and a few short years later there were several websites offering online bingo in the UK. The national smoking ban sent thousands of players to online bingo sites. At the time studies showed that 63% of all British bingo players were smokers. While the ban was disastrous for land based bingo halls it caused a rapid expansion in the online bingo sector.

Online bingo is probably one of the easiest games to play and no special skills are required. All that is needed is an online bingo account and a desire to play. Games are available 24/7 making the game attractive for those working odd or unconventional hours. At most sites registration only takes a couple of minutes and players are good to go.

The low stakes make bingo the most affordable gambling game on the internet. Players can participate in games without having to make large wagers. Most sites offer players a generous welcome bonus that enables players in the UK to play with little or no risk.

The social aspect of online bingo has contributed to the popularity of the game in the UK. Once chat rooms were added at online bingo sites players could communicate with players from around the world. Most online bingo sites display some of the characteristics of social networking sites like Facebook. Many friendships have been formed in the chat rooms and one bingo sites hosts real time meetings for players annually. There have also been several marriage proposals in bingo chat rooms.

In the UK online bingo jackpots can be huge. Networked sites share a large pool of players and since most jackpots are based on the number of players in a game the jackpots at some networked sites can be large. Some online bingo sites also offer networked slots and in the UK there are several bingo millionaires. With all of its advantages it is no surprise why online bingo is so popular in the UK.

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