Will More Bingo Sites Pull the Plug on American Players ?

After the recent shutdown of several online poker sites in the US many online bingo players are wondering if their favorite bingo sites will be the next to feel the wrath of the US government. The recent actions by the US government are seen as heavy handed by many in the online gaming industry. Players with thousands of dollars in their accounts now have no way to check on the status of their poker accounts because the FBI seized the domains of the poker sites. Ironically the seizures have benefitted the stocks of online gaming companies that do not operate in the United States. Gaming giant Rank saw share prices rise by an astounding 30% shortly after the seizures were announced.

Many players are wondering how many bingo sites will pull the plug on American players. At least one bingo network has already announced that they will withdraw from the US market. The Bingo Entertainment network said that it is closing A1 Bingo, Bingo Plex, Bingo Beez, Bingo Mega and Paramount Bingo to American players. The announcements were a surprise to both players and the internet bingo industry. So far there have been no other similar announcements from other bingo sites and networks.  The Bingo Entertainment Network announced that as of April 18th no American players will be accepted. Fortunately there are other bingo sites willing to take the players who are now banned from playing at any of the sites in the network.

It is difficult to predict what future hardships American bingo players will face because of the actions of the US government. When the United States passed anti online gaming legislation in 2006 many bingo sites and online casinos banned American players immediately. The US government then went after online payment processors such as Neteller and PayPal. The move had a chilling effect on the online gaming industry and it took months for American players to retrieve the funds in their accounts. The nation of Antigua, where many bingo sites are licensed, filed a complaint against the United States with the World Trade Association. The WTO ruled in favor of Antigua but so far the United States has ignored the ruling. The dispute continues to this day.

Many online gaming experts believe that the US will legalize online gaming sometime this year or early next year. Should this happen many European and UK bingo sites will be well poised to enter the US market.  The actions of the US government have caused uncertainty in the online gaming industry and it is anybody’s guess what will happen next.

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