Win Fantastic Non Cash Prizes Playing Online Bingo

Most people already know that you can win big bucks playing bingo online. What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can win a lot of other great prizes such as expensive electronics, cruises, luxury vacation packages, new cars and other prizes. Players can win big screen high definition television sets, iPods, netbooks, laptops and smart phones. Generally non cash prizes fall into six categories.

Many online bingo sites have started to offer vacation packages to exotic ports of call. Poker sites have been awarding all expenses paid trips to gambling Meccas such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monaco, and Monte Carlo. Usually vacation packages are awarded to tournament winners at online bingo sites. Many promotional games also offer fantastic vacation packages. To win one of these great vacation packages all you have to do is play the specific games offering vacation packages.

Cruises are another popular prize at most bingo sites. Many offer first class accommodations on luxury cruise ships. Caribbean vacations are the most common but there have also been cruises to Alaska and the scenic British Columbia coast. Again all you have to do to win a luxury cruise if play the specified games at your favorite online bingo site. In most cases your meals and drinks will already be paid for and all you have to do is enjoy the scenery and lounge around the pool. Even better, most cruise ships offer first class entertainment and special shows. Many offer live gambling and live music and dancing until the wee hours.

Electronics are popular prizes. By playing in your favorite bingo room you could win a flat screen television, iPods, video game systems and mobile devices such as notepads and laptops. Generally bingo cards for these special games are inexpensive making them a great deal if you win!

One of the more unusual prizes at some online bingo sites is a promise by the bingo site to pay your bills for a specified period of time. At some bingo sites you don’t have to play bingo games to win. Some sites pick players weekly or monthly and will pay all of the player’s gas and utility bills. Some sites will even make mortgage payments!

Even if you don’t win one of the products mentioned above you can still benefits for playing bingo. Most online bingo sites have some sort of points scheme that rewards players with free games and in some cases points can be converted to real cash.

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