Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday With $10,000 Bingo Win

About 90% of all bingo players say they have won a substantial jackpot at some point in their playing careers. Some players wait for years for that big win but it took North Las Vegas resident Bernice “Aunt B” Gursch to win her biggest bingo jackpot. Gursch, who plays bingo weekly, won more than $10,000 on June 4th just two weeks after her 100th birthday. Gursch won the jackpot while playing at the Aliante Station in Las Vegas. Gursch joins the ranks of several centenarians that have won large bingo jackpots recently.

Gursch, who is also known as “aunt B” by bingo hall staff members and regular players hit a double bingo on B 3 which was designated Bingo Cash Ball Jackpot. Her big win topped off a two seek celebration of her reaching the century mark. On May 21st staff members at the Aliante Station celebrated with cake, ice cream and choruses of ‘Happy Birthday.” On Gursch’s official birthday, May 24th, family members gathered and held a surprise soiree on Memorial Day weekend. Family members from Gursch’s native Chicago and friends from her adopted home of North Las Vegas gathered to help her celebrate the milestone.

George Pfeiffer is Gursch’s caretaker said that the $10,687 bingo payout was “the icing on the cake.” Pfeiffer added “She won’t forget that. “Bingo is one of ‘Aunt B’s’ favorite pastimes and the centenarian has been known to play 32 cards a game and stand hunched over her selection of bingo cards. About a year ago Gursch started playing the electronic version of the game. Like many bingo players Gursch has her ‘lucky seat’ and the staff at the bingo hall always makes sure her seat is reserved. A week after her big win a blue star was placed on her ‘reserved’ card.

Johanna Long, a regular at the Aliante Station bingo room, was present when Gursch won the big jackpot and said “Everyone knows Aunt B. It was quite busy because the Cash Ball hadn’t been won for quite some time, so it went up. They had over 100 people there, easily over 100, which is unusual. Then the game started, and in game nine, which is a double bingo, she won on the bingo ball.” Gursch said she was anticipating a win and stated “I figured I had a chance. I think God watched over me.” Gursch plans to use part of the money to pay off her upscale hearing aids and plans to bank the rest.

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