Young Players Ensure Online Bingo’s Profitability

Research figures in the UK indicate that bingo sites like BingoHouse attract a much younger group of players. Study after study has confirmed this and the internet bingo industry is pleased with the new group of younger players who insure that the industry will remain profitable. About 40% of new players at bingo sites are new to the game. In the UK, bingo is no longer thought of as a game for the elderly and pensioners. Figures have also shown that the growth of the internet bingo industry has not cannibalized live bingo. In fact many younger online bingo players have started to attend live bingo games at local bingo clubs. Younger players have changed the face of many land based bingo clubs and in some of the larger cities certain bingo clubs have become ‘trendy’ with younger players and even celebrities put in an appearance at bingo clubs from time to time.

Most of the under 30 age group has grown up socializing on the internet which makes an online bingo game perfect for younger players. Most online bingo sites provide players with individual chat rooms and many bingo sites also have Facebook pages for players to socialize and leave messages for each other. Many bingo sites have become the preferred way for friends to stay in touch with each other. Those who play internet bingo games can post photos and share news and most bingo sites have photo galleries for players and special winners galleries.

Figures show that despite the decline of live bingo in the UK over 100 million people still play live bingo regularly around the world. Many younger players who would never have dreamed of setting foot in a live bingo hall now attend bingo games with friends and relatives. Most of these younger players became acquainted with bingo at bingo sites and are now devoted and loyal players at local bingo halls. For players at bingo sites industry experts are predicting big changes in 2011. More bingo sites will be offering mobile bingo games so players can play their favorite game anywhere they have internet access. Many sites will add new interactive technologies such as web cams and live bingo callers. Many bingo sites have added live video feeds, social media tools and some are even adding 3D technology. Bonuses will get bigger too and more bingo sites will be offering free bingo to new players. Younger players insure that online bingo will be a profitable business for many years to come.

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