Young Players Give Live Bingo A Boost

Bingo has a very long history in the United Kingdom. In addition to the traditional 75 ball bingo games British sailors introduced a 90 ball game called Tombola at the end of the 19th century. The game evolved into the 90 ball bingo games that a majority of British players prefer. After World War Two bingo was introduced at the holiday camps that were popular in the post war years. The game’s popularity spread and within a few years there were bingo halls throughout the UK. Many bingo halls had been cinemas at one time and were perfect spaces for bingo operators who wanted to hold large games. The game spread and today the 60’s and 70’s are called the ‘golden age of bingo’ in the UK.

Over the years the bingo industry had its ups and downs but in 2007 the imposition of a national smoking ban sent shock waves through the live bingo industry. Many bingo halls fell into disrepair and several closed their doors forever. Many players switched to online bingo and several major bingo brands launched their own branded online bingo sites to remain profitable. Little by little players returned to their local bingo halls but during the past few years there has been an influx of new young players. Many of these young players first learned the game online and decided to try the live version of bingo. To accommodate this new demographic many bingo halls embarked on a program of renovation and added features designed to meet the needs of younger players.

In Wereham locals have lovingly restored a local village hall that served double duty as the local bingo hall. While the Wereham games may not feature the huge jackpots to be found at online bingo sites and large bingo halls local players love their village hall. The wooden frame bingo hall was built in 1921 and since then only minimal improvements had been made. Employees of the UK Power Networks volunteered along with many locals and picked up paintbrushes and went to work on the old hall. After a lot of hard work the old bingo hall was returned to its former glory. This story clearly illustrates how much Britons love their bingo games. Many now play both live and free online bingo. Young players are giving bingo halls new life and ensure that the game will survive well into the future.

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