Zynga Accused of Copying Online Bingo Game

Last week gaming giant Zynga launched their new Facebook bingo application. The company is hoping to cash in on the popularity of online bingo which generates millions in revenue annually. The launch of Zynga’s bingo game was well publicized. It is hard to imagine a controversial bingo game but this week another company has accused Zynga of copying its popular Facebook game Bingo Blitz. This is not the only time Zynga has been accused of copying. According to an article in PC Mag Zynga’s latest game, Dream Heights bears a close resemblance to 2011’s iPhone game of the year.

A three person team at NimbleBit, which makes Tiny Tower, says that Zynga has copied the popular game. IPhone game developer Ian Marsh who works at NimbleBit posted an open letter to Zynga on Twitter. The letter read “Dear Zynga (all 2,789 of you),” the letter reads. “We noticed you are about to launch a new iPhone game called Dream Heights! Congratulations! We wanted to thank you guys for being such big fans of our iPhone game of the year Tiny Tower. Good luck with your game, we are looking forward to inspiring you with our future games! Sincerely, (all three of us) NimbleBit.”

Another game developer has also accused Zynga of copying their game. Buffalo Studios is the developer of the popular Facebook game Bingo Blitz. The game has over 1 million daily users on Facebook. The company created a side by side comparison with Zynga’s new online bingo game and claims that Zynga has “obviously played” Bingo Blitz. As part of Buffalo’s comparison the company said it was inspired by Ian Marsh’s Twitter post. In a letter Buffalo Studios stated “Hello Zynga. We are moved that your new game was so inspired by our innovative product, Bingo Blitz. You’ve obviously played our game Bingo Blitz a lot,” it continues. “Please tell your thousands of employees and shareholders that we hope they enjoy playing the games we’re cooking up next!”

Recently several accusations of ‘cloning’ have been made by other companies. Spry Fox, the developer of Triple Town, has filed a copyright infringement suit against game developer 6Waves Lolapps. Spry Fox claims that 6Waves Lolapps game Yeti Town is a “blatant copy of Triple Town.’ A spokesperson for Zynga did not immediately respond to inquiries by PC Mag. The accusations have created quite a stir in the internet gambling world and blog posts are full of accusations and counter accusations.

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