Zynga CEO Defends New Online Bingo Game

Last week the world of social gaming was in turmoil after two game developers accused Zynga of copying their games. This is not the first time the well known social gaming company has been accused of copying the games of other developers. Buffalo Studios, founded in 2010, accused Zynga of copying its popular ‘Bingo Blitz’ game. Salim Mith, Buffalo Studios’ vice president of product marketing and operations told internet gambling magazine VentureBeat “We wanted to alert you to the striking similarities between Zynga’s recently announced game to our game Bingo Blitz.” Mith explained that Zynga copies several aspects of the game, including, themed bingo rooms cities, and “powerups.”

Mark Pincus, chief executive officer at Zynga, was quick to respond to the accusations and denied that Zynga had copied Buffalo Studio’s popular online bingo game. Pincus turned the accusation around and said that Buffalo Studios actually borrowed ideas from Zynga. Zynga alleges that Bingo Blitz is copied from one of Zynga’s earlier games. Pincus told interviewers “It was a little ironic to look at Bingo Blitz. Pull that lens back. Look at our game Poker Blitz (comparisons below), and then Bingo Blitz, you see striking similarities in those pictures.” Pincus added “You can go back to (Zynga’s) FarmVille. Look at Farm Town and say, ‘Those pictures are troubling. They look too similar.’ But you pull the lens back again, and you see Farm Town next to My Farm, and next to Happy Farm, and next to (Zynga’s) YoVille. What you see is a series of games innovating on top of each other. You see Farm Town had a very similar avatar to YoVille.” Buffalo Studios launched their online bingo game ‘Bingo Blitz about a year ago. Currently it is the number 1 bingo game on Facebook and has over 1 million daily players.

It seems that lately there has been an epidemic of copycat charges in the social gaming world. Earlier in the week game developer Spry Fox announced that it was going to sue 6waves Lolapps for copyright infringement. Spry Fox alleges that 6waves Lolapps copied the company’s popular game Triple Town by creating Yeti Town. Pincus pointed out that game developers routinely ‘reimagine’ current games. Pincus stated “We think there is a massive body of work in the video game industry that is going to be reimagined for decades to come in a way that is free, accessible and social. That’s what we’re doing. I don’t think anyone should be surprised when they see us come out with games that they’ve seen before, a decade or more ago. I don’t think there are a lot of totally new games that are invented. We always try. But to us, they are like the crew mechanic in our games. They give you a new way to interact with your friends.”

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