Zynga Resists Real Money Gaming

Because of the relaxation of the rules regarding online gambling in the United States many gaming experts say that many social gaming networks are gearing up to get a piece of the lucrative US online gaming market. Recent reports indicate that the wildly popular provider of social network poker games is not interested. Reports indicate that Zynga does not want to risk losing their loyal players. In addition Zynga has not investigated the possibilities of offering real money gambling in jurisdictions where internet gambling is perfectly legal.

Currently Zynga operates Zynga poker and plans to add online bingo and Zynga Casino to their gaming repertoire. The infrastructure for real money gambling already exists and in Europe and the UK legal internet gambling has been legal and regulated for years. Rumors from Zynga headquarters say that they may consider making the switch to real money gaming but these are just rumors. Last month Zynga shares went on sale in global markets for $10 a share. Currently Zynga is facing fierce competition from CastleVille, the newest and one of the most popular games on Facebook. Currently CastleVille was released by the makers of CityVille and has about 35 million active users. The makers of CastleVille are giving players more options and eventually Zynga will have to offer more games to survive.

To remain competitive Zynga will have to show that they can keep creating popular games to retain their market share. Zynga has also started to experiment with platforms outside of Facebook and some industry observers say this could increase their customer base. Zynga announced the release of a number of new games for Google+ and recently launched two new games for iOS. Zynga also launched Zynga poker for Google TV.  While industry observers say that Zynga does not want to alienate their current users by switching to real money gaming they may be forced to do so to remain competitive. If the rumors coming out of Zynga headquarters are true the company may launch real money gaming apps sometime this year.

Last October Zynga launched an online bingo app described as “Sin City meets your local bingo hall” complete with online bingo rooms named Vegas Lights and Pirates Paradise.” The online bingo app has been well received but without real money gaming the success may be limited. Most online gaming experts say that this will be a very exciting year for the online gambling industry.

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